Ready for school – first-class early learning for Dunedin preschool children

We believe every child deserves the best possible start. That is why Little Citizens Early Learning Centre provides a total package of quality education and childcare to make sure every child has the skills and knowledge they need for school and beyond. We foster children’s learning skills, independence and development in an environment that is spacious, fun and challenging, and encourages exploration, play and participation.


a detailed curriculum delivered by qualified and experienced teachers


a checklist of developmental milestones


quality (the Education Review Office regularly reviews the centre and we meet or exceed all the Ministry of Education regulations)


a Science and Technology Centre


one of the biggest outdoor play areas in town, plus large indoor areas that are warm and dry all year round

Little Citizens uses developmental milestones to support children as they get ready for school.  Little Citizens’ caring early childhood teachers work closely with parents and guardians to make sure every child has the individual support and encouragement they need.

ERO Reports

The Education Review Office reviews the centre on a regular basis. A report on the most recent review is available by clicking the link below.

“The concept of whānaungatanga is central to the way the centre operates. Children and their families have a strong sense of belonging at the centre. Teachers know the children as part of their families/whānau and the wider community. Parents are made to feel comfortable to spend time at the centre with their children. The teachers have a strong focus on supporting parents by helping them connect with other agencies and activities in the community. They regularly organise social and parent education events”.


“Children at the centre are able to build on their own areas of interest and enjoyment. The teachers encourage children to return to activities again and again. This gives them the chance to explore different ideas deeply over many weeks. The teachers recognise the value of letting children take risks and learn through their play”.