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2 days ago

Little Citizens
We have been exploring the properties of hukapapa/ice recently in the Tui room. Through using their sense of touch, the tamariki have been sharing with each other how the ice felt in their hands. Describing it as “cold” and “wet”, they started noticing over time that there was more water showing in the bottom of the trough, which lead to conversation about how the ice was melting and changing from a solid to a liquid.With some putiputi/flowers and small toys added to the water before freezing it, the tamariki were trying to “rescue” the animals in the ice. Using tools, such as clothes pegs, and adding a little warm water, the tamariki tried out ideas around how to make the ice melt faster. It was exciting when the baby elephant was finally free! This type of activity encouraged tamariki to share their ideas, listen to other viewpoints, and take turns at exploring the ice and trying to make it melt faster. This links to our current learning priority around building on children’s mana and social and emotional competency. ... See MoreSee Less
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